Just a quick update today – The waiting is finally over and I’ve officially signed up to to the Rapha Manchester to London ride for 2017.

The email came through about 10 days ago and, surprisingly, no thoughts of bottling it at this late stage entered my head as I filled in the form. It was actually a relief to finally ‘sign on the dotted line’ so to speak as now I can focus solely on training and getting myself into the best physical shape I can.

As of this morning 104 other people have submitted entries so it looks like it’s going to be a healthy turnout come September. I hope that each and everyone of my fellow entrants manages to stay injury free over the next 8 months, gets their training in and that we all make it to the start line in Manchester ready to raise a tonne of money for a worthy cause.


Registration is still live and will be until just before the event. It would be great to have some of you sign up and spend a day cycling across the country. The only thing I’m hoping for now is decent weather, however this being Britain I’m not holding my breath for clear skies and sunshine as I’d turn purple first!


So I’m signed up, the route is out, hotels in Manchester and London are reserved – Now it’s time to hit the roads!


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  1. Hope you get a nice tailwind that day!!



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