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I agree that outside is free, but it’s also bloody freezing in Yorkshire

So after a having a cold during the first week of 2017 (thanks to my older brother) last week signaled my first week back on the bike. Through a combination of Zwift and an actual […]

The tale of the tape and a trip to the naughty step

Apologies for the delay getting this blog post online (I was hoping to post this on New Years Day), but on New Years Eve my trusty 2011 MacBook Pro died a horrible, painful death and […]

I want to race my bicycle, I want to race my bike

One of the best features of the Zwift world is that you can ‘race’ other users around its various virtual worlds. The creators have made it really easy to join an event and race people […]

Things just got very real, very quickly!

In poker parlance that’s it, I’m all in – Unfortunately right now I appear to be holding a 3 of hearts, a 7 of spades and and a rather grubby, torn at the edges Jack […]

A night out on the town with Zwift

A couple of weeks ago the Zwift roadshow landed in Leeds so what better way to get my blog entry count up than to recap the evening just in case the cycling equivalent of the […]

F-T-P, it’s easy as 1, 2……

…..3 No, no it’s f@&^ing not! Anybody who tells you that an FTP test or to give it it’s full moniker ‘Functional Threshold Power’ test is a good thing to do or that it’s easy […]

Everybody Zwift now!

When October comes and the clocks go back I tend to go into an annual cycling hibernation not emerging until April the following year. At that point I usually find myself carrying what I like […]

It’s about bloody time

There’s nothing quite like getting off to a bit of a sweary start is there? I’m going to be honest, I started thinking about writing a blog way back in July and got absolutely nowhere. […]